Admission Procedures started
for the academic year 2023-2024

  • Every employee shall maintain absolute integrity & devotion toward the institution
  • Every employee is expected to be courteous to co-staffs, patients, and to students at all times.
  • The employee has to register their attendance in both the bio-metric system and the attendance register during the beginning and end of working hours.
  • All staff grievances shall be addressed to the Principal and C.O.O. through proper channels.
  • The uniform Dress code has to be followed by the non-teaching, lab assistants and menial staff and faculties should carry aprons for the integration of institutional uniformity.
  • All the staff members both teaching and non-teaching have to wear the identity cards compulsorily within the campus.
  • The usage of cell phones inside the campus is strictly restricted.
  • The faculty members are expected to maintain a very healthy teacher-student relationship, maintain utmost discipline among the students, and uphold the decorum of their position.