Admission Procedures started
for the academic year 2023-2024


The institution has a performance appraisal system for teaching staff and non-teaching staff.
The faculties and non-teaching staff who have performed well will be given special provision of performance appraisal with either incentive or designation change with salary augmentation.

Performance appraisal for faculties

Yearly performance appraisal

During the academic year faculties are evaluated based on 5 parameters by the principal and the head of the department’s suggestions are also considered for appraisal. Based on the feedback performance suggestions were given to the staff members to improve their teaching ability.

The candidate can be recommended for increment/ incentive when he/she has achieved the following:

  • Teaching learning process
  • Effective leadership
  • Research achievements and contribution to the department/ college both academically and in co-curricular activities.


Feedback forms are issued to the students at the end of each academic year. The feedback forms will with 5 score ratings helps in the collection of information about the faculties and different aspects pertaining to the teaching process. The higher authorities evaluate the collected feedback forms and take the necessary measures to improve the teaching-learning process.


For non-teaching staff, the supervisory evaluations will be performed every year by higher officials. The self-feedback form is collected from nonteaching staff and genuinely will be evaluated. The candidate can be recommended for increment/ incentive when he/she has achieved the necessary parameters.