Resource Mobilization Policy Document

Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences has a transparent and well-planned financial management system. Optimal Resource mobilization and utilization aid to achieve the vision and mission of the institution using the available resources. The Institution is a centrally managed non-profit organization that ensures the income generated is spent optimally in the institutional development and augmentation process.


Academic and administrative department heads are advised to submit the requirements and budget proposal in the annual meeting. After a detailed analysis of the budget proposal from each department and detecting the necessities governing council approves the budget allocation to the concerned departments.

Resource Mobilization

The main source of institutional income is the tuition fee collected from the students which are fixed by the government. Resources can also be mobilized as grants and aid for research from leading government organizations like the Indian Council for Medical Research and the Kerala University of Health. The institution even takes part in various collaborative sponsored projects which aggregate the income sources. The income generation is elevated by increasing clinical income by adding up newer treatment modalities and equipment such as CBCT, LASER, etc.

Resource Utilization

Effective utilization of resources is made after gaining approval from the respective heads and forwarded to the higher authorities for final approval. Resources are utilized for materialistic Purchases, infrastructure development, and augmentation, library upgradation, and new equipment installation. The purchase follows a structured mechanism with indenting procedures followed by receiving quotations from different amenities and purchasing based on quotation without compromising the quality.
All the financial transactions are supervised and the annual budget statement will be prepared by the chief financial officer which is presented in the annual governing council minutes necessary changes and plans of action will be prepared as per the conclusion of the meeting discussion.