1. To store and secure the institutional documents in a safe and secure manner with suitable backup using a cloud server.
  2. To manage and update the IGIDS website regularly
  3. To maintain the Employee’s and Students’ attendance as System Administrators by installing and Maintaining a Biometric system. To release the staff biometrics to the accounts department on a monthly basis, for salary calculation and dispersal.
  4. Management of the proper functioning of college software (foresight) and adding the necessary alterations as per the demands.
  5. To provide credentials to the staff dealing with the software system for their department functioning.
  6. To provide uninterrupted data access to Students and Employees.
  7. Maintaining all the department systems by installing Antivirus, defragmenting, and providing a backup of all critical and crucial data in their system.
  8. To download and hand over the question papers for the university theory exams and college internal assessment exams and to record and send all the University examination activities through the installation of CCTV Cameras to the Kerala University of Health Science.