1. To process, rack up, and securely maintain the outpatient medical records in the medical record department.
  2. To provide a better working environment with proper layout, office design, and storage space.
  3. To congregate, organize and store medical records from entire clinical departments.
  4. Analyze and ensure the precision and completeness of medical records by interacting with the registration area and clinical departments.
  5. To securely and confidently maintain a separate storage system for patients with potentially malignant disorders as part of the oral cancer project.
  6. Quick and easy retrieval of medical records in necessary circumstances.
  7. To compute the daily and monthly audit of patients in different categories and convey the issues related to higher officials focusing to improve and augment patient care and patient flow in a systematic way.
  8. To notify the health care providers regarding the mishap of any records.
  9. To recruit, train, motivate, and guide all employees in every operation of the medical record department for efficient and effortless functioning of the department.
  10. To supervise and evaluate the efficiency of each employee and take a decision regarding the necessity of recruitment of more employees for prompt functioning of the department.
  11. Procure patient confidence by maintaining patient records highly confidential.
  12. To safeguard the hospital community by cautious storage and timely delivery of medical records in any medicolegal issues.
  13. To adhere to the policy values and principles thereby escalating the institutional and professional standards.